The Scarecrow Queen

I will say that this was satisfying, but on some level still a bitter disappointment.

I did expect Errin to be hurt through the entire process, to come out of it broken and putting everything back. Not how she reacted to it, but just that she bounced back without needing too much of time to heal. However, I really felt her pain, the time where she spent it as the Aurek’s plaything, to be as he wished and loved.

As for Lief, I wonder why wasn’t he so well remembered. Why wasn’t he at least acknowledged for what he did by Twylla, that will have given them the closure they needed and for her to think deeper and reflect upon it. But I don’t get any answers, apparently. And he remains a barely remembered memory, and that well, I did have to admit that he did deserve better. And his entire character hasn’t even been explored, I still don’t know much about his motives and actual wishes. I still don’t know how much he could have grown. But well, he gets killed off just because he has a grey morality, I still think redemption could have a way better way to be dealt with than death.

As for Silas, I do have to admit that what Twylla did was sensible. As well as her poisoning the prince. Although I didn’t even see the point of why Twylla will end up with a curse that barely affects her, her eyes and hair change color, while the others end up possibly dying due to reviving people or even turning to gold if they did too much. Still a slap on the wrist if you were to ask me.

Aurek was still a good villain, he had motivations and he had a mind when he sought to do what he did. He did it because he can and probably could. There are some villains who don’t need a reasonable explanations, but at the same time looking at his history you can still guess why he turned out the way he did. Aurek just so happened to be one of them.

However I enjoyed the ending, I do believe that Twylla will not have ended up with anyone. And here it does deliver on that, and Errin too. I an really surprised that there was no final ending, but rather a continuation of life. I did like the ending, but just felt off about some of the issues and how it was handled.

The first 60% of this novel was exactly to my thoughts, still hard, still bleak and almost hopeless. That Twylla managed to find strength and Errin survived. But afterwards, perhaps out of time and pages, the author couldn’t explore it. But if not, the front part was still like it’s predecessor. And to me, I still will have preferred something a lot more tragic with the death of a true hero and good character. Rather than one that does play both sides, but yet I still don’t understand him much at all. He could have used the development as I liked him, in that sense.

Overall, this trilogy was still perfect and even enjoyable. The last book was a disappointment, but the front is still worth recommending to everyone. For this is a story that does really little to make you hope, and that the situation goes from bad to worse at every inch. And finally, a villain worth recommending that does have depth.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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