The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon

When beautiful Claire Harkness is found dead in her dorm room at Armitage Academy, everyone wants to know how she died. The students, teachers and staff, and town locals all find their lives upended as the investigation begins. Everything only becomes more complicated when it is revealed that Claire had recently given birth. But where is the baby now? And how did her pregnancy go unnoticed by everyone at the Academy?

When I started reading The Twisted Thread I was immediately hooked, which was slightly surprising to me because I’m not usually a fan of murder mystery books. But the characters were engaging and the beginning of the story had a great hook that kept me wanting more.

But then about half way through I felt like the book became a bit slow. Some of the information provided was repetitive and some of it unnecessary. The Twisted Thread is not a long book, only 384 pages, but I felt like a good chunk of that could have been cut to keep the plot fluid and going at a good pace. I felt there were too many characters involved in the telling of the story. Some could have been cut or combined into one character which may have helped the plot flow a little better.

I was also disappointed by the murderer reveal, as the end of the book felt a bit rushed with the reveal glossed over. Then there was an epilogue added that I don’t think was needed. By the end, there seemed to be a lot of focus on the main character’s personal lives than that of the case and the impact that came from it. And there are some characters who we never learn what happened to them. Their story starts, their lives becoming more interesting and promising as the story arcs, and then is suddenly dropped at the end.

But The Twisted Thread was interesting enough that I may broaden my reading tastes and branch out to more murder mystery books.

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