These American Boulevards



firing up
quantum rockets
listen to the step step
of cracks in cosmic emptiness
the divisions in the tarmac
of life along Route 66
Paradise and Sunset
these Boulevards
—a New Revival
of the Old West

cream green
on white
and big rubber
whitewalls padding
on asphalt radio juke
box doo wop bop

the heartfelt attacks
of teenage angst and aplomb
no change just brighter louder brassy
happy children must see god in the details
to wake from a tomorrow that will never come

transistors pop and fizz
an electronic dance on motherboard
bounce off radiator headlights and mud flaps
pinwheel tassels fly in the wind honk honk and smear
of bug on windshield’s tinted glass

beep beep!
sandals to the pedal
roaring with the swells
of mambo rhythms
noisy DJ babble
rock and Roll
and news

whistle of wind
squealing rubber
pounding pounding
bass and Gretsch on vinyl

one eye
peering at the
traffic light camera
waiting on the Rainbows
the Cimarrons and Buffaloes
of these American Boulevards

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