TV Tuesdays | The End of the F***ing World

Heyyyy it’s me again. I don’t know why you’d expect anyone else to post on this blog. But just in case you did, hi, I’m Alyssa, the sole blogger of this blog.

Anyway, I know how much you guys love my random weekly segments, so I’m here to bring you a new one: TV Tuesdays, conveniently following Movie Mondays, though I don’t get out to the theater much anymore…

So, for this segment, I’m basically going to recommend a TV series for you to watch. And it’ll always be a series I’m caught up on.

My first recommendation is going to be something I just watched over the weekend: Netflix’s new series The End of the F***ing World.

If you’re a fan of binge-watching a series in one day, then this is the perfect series for you—that is, if you have access to Netflix, which I hope you do because cable is pretty much pointless anymore. The End of the F***ing World is comprised of eight 20-minute episodes and is based on the graphic novel of the same name, created by Charles Forsman back in 2013. I have not read the graphic novel, but I hear it is great, and it reflects so in the show.

TEOTFW is about two teenagers, James and Alyssa, living in a small, boring town. Both have had a pretty rough existence, and it affects them greatly. James believes himself to be a psychopath, having no feelings at all and harboring a desperate urge to kill someone. Alyssa lives with her uncaring mother and new asshole of a step-father, constantly being reminded of how little she means to this family. The two become acquainted and wind up on a road trip together—Alyssa running away from home, and James biding his time until he can kill her.

Sound weird? It is. But it’s amazingly weird, and if you like that kinda stuff, you’ll love this show. It’s short but bittersweet, and ends on one hell of a cliffhanger. Like many critics, I hope there is no season 2, because season 1 ended exactly how it should have and nothing more is required. But, knowing Netflix, there will unfortunately be a season 2. So start watching now! It won’t take you too long.

James is played by Alex Lawther.

You may recognize him as the young Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, or as Kenny in S3E3 of Black Mirror. He’s fantastic in both roles, and continues to be so in TEOTFW.

Alyssa is played by Jessica Barden.

She really hasn’t starred in many films or shows, but hopefully this one puts her on the map. I really liked her acting, and I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Also, yes, her character’s name is Alyssa, and finding a show with my name in it does not happen often. It was super weird to hear my name said over and over. I can’t imagine how people with names like John or James or Mary or Brittany feel…

Anyway, both James and Alyssa have crazy character arcs, and it’s truly impressive to see these unfold over only 8 short episodes.

I really love this series. It’s hilariously awkward and ridiculously entertaining. It makes you feel weird. It makes you feel a huge range of emotions from episode 1 – 8. It’s crazy, and I enjoyed it so much. And don’t just take my word for it—check out Twitter and all the buzz it’s getting on there!

This series is a wild ride, and I’m sure it’ll be picked up for season 2, so watch it now and join me in protesting a second season, though it’s entirely futile.

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