Walk in Beauty

Will’s Red Coat by Tom Ryan is a non-fiction book my mother recommended. Sharing our love of literature is wonderful and I am grateful for it.

As you can tell by the photo on the book’s cover, Will is a miniature schnauzer. I don’t often read books about animals so this book intrigued me. It turns out Will was a dog very near death who was rescued by the author who already owned another younger schnauzer. Almost blind and deaf, poor Will brought with him a myriad of problems to contend with. Ryan approaches the suffering animal with compassion and acceptance thereby making the end of Will’s life one of renewal and dignity.

This is a philosophically beautiful story about so much more than a dog during his final days. The author’s wisdom, compassion, and love of nature provide an enviable path for humans to follow.

I’m grateful my mother brought this book to my attention and come away from it with a sense of peace and tranquility. There’s much to learn here about life and the importance of treating all we encounter with dignity and respect.

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