Where do good souls go?

-Let me tell you something, he said.

-Go ahead.

-So…I met this girl with really dark brown eyes, on the street today, she seems very upset, so I invited her to a coffee to give her the chance to talk with me about what happened.She is not too tall,but not too short..She is very beautiful, nothing to say about her nose, you know I have a obsession with girl’s noses,but her nose is just perfect.But what to say about her lips, she has those lips which every boy crave to kiss.Oh, and she has freckles, and they look so adorable on her face.Anyway, so we arrived at the Coffee Bar and she told me about her sadness, and guess what was all about?

-A boy?

-Hah,no.She was upset because she couldn’t stop some jerks from laughing about a girl who lost her father.And she remembered that once she did the same thing with another person, and she regret so much now.

-So she wants to change the world or what?

-Yes, yes.How adorable can this be?I would kiss her right then but I didn’t want her to think I’m a psychopath.I asked her about her hobbies, she told me that she really like to write, but she said that sometimes she just don’t have ideas about what she could write.And also she told me that she is interested about all the writers in her city.So, I said: Let’s go and find all these writers !But she said: “Thank you so much, maybe someday!I have to go!”

-And then?

-She was so gone…

-Who is she and where  will you find her?

-I asked myself this too, when I realised she make me forgot to ask for her name,number, facebook or something…I want to marry this girl! So find me this girl, please!


-…Where do good souls go?

-from a book I never write-


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