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Lies You Wanted To Hear (2013)

by James Whitfield Thomson(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
1402284284 (ISBN13: 9781402284281)
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review 1: I thought this book by first-time author James Whitfield Thomson was easy to read and a real page turner. The mismatched couple in the story are parents to 2 children. (She drinks and smokes marijuana, he's a police officer who's follows the rules.) They divorce after about 7 years of marriage. Lucy can't shake the feeling that she's not very good at parenting; she also doesn't seem to be able to sever contact with her former boyfriend, who she knows is selfish and unreliable. After a series of bad judgements & decision making on the part of the wife/mother, the husband/father decides it is too risky for the children to remain in her care, even part-time. He takes off with the children and is gone for a very long time (16+ years). The ending of the book deals wit... moreh these 2 children as adults, as they uncover the truth about both parents, and how this impacts the family of 3 that was once very close and very trusting.
review 2: Disappointing on several levels: I enjoy reading about characters I actually LIKE, and I didn't. The reactions of the characters to several major plot points were unrealistic (think about the kids at the end of the book). The "smallest crack" in the relationship was actually a large crevasse, and hindered believability all the way through the rest of the book... Also not "beautifully written" as the publisher protests. less
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Could not put it down! Character driven book with the two main characters voices....
Well written with great plot twists and insight into relationships
just on the verge of being good ...
This was a great anti-love story.
Couldn't put this one down.
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