Why I make (and usually keep) New Year’s resolutions!

For years I have made new years resolutions but mine are somewhat different. Instead of stopping doing one of my many bad habits I try to start something new.

A few years ago my new year’s resolution was to learn how to put up a shelf. I got a friend to show me and did proudly put up my own shelf. It is however a skill I have now unfortunately forgotten!

Last year I gave myself the ‘resolution’ of starting to drink Brandy! Yes you read that correctly. I had decided that drinking Brandy was a very grown up thing to do and I would immediately look sophisticated and distinguished! However it took me right up until the end of December to achieve my first glass – and then I didn’t like It! But at least I tried It!

I think new year’s resolutions have a bad reputation. Most people use them to say they are going to lose weight or start exercising and that’s completely understandable. After the Christmas holidays nearly everybody wants to be healthier. But it’s also one of the most difficult things to do. More often than not we set ourselves unrealistic goals and the failure to achieve them is horribly demoralizing. We all want to be more healthy but I don’t think it should be a New Year’s resolution. Especially when January is one of the toughest months to get through! I say have the glass of wine and eat the cake if it helps get you through the longest month!

For me a new year’s redolution should be something nice to do. Something you actually want to do and something that will be fairly easy to achieve but perhaps for one reason or another you have been putting off.

THIS year my new year’s resolution was to get another tattoo! I already have two but I wanted another in a more prodominent place. I didn’t have to wait until December to achieve my resolution this time. On January 4th 2018 I went  to see my talented tattooist and friend and she did this beautiful tattoo on my right forearm –

I am so pleased with it! I will be doing a blog about my tattoos but in short for me there is something that gives you an accomplished feeling about being tattooed.

Now I am not for one minute suggesting you get a tattoo but neither am I saying that on January 11th it is too late to choose a new year’s resolution.  But make it an enjoyable one. Make it one that in 2019 you will look back and be proud of achieving. Or proud that like me, with the Brandy, you did it but you don’t want to do it again!

HAPPY 2018!

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