Winter Warmers: Scone & Butter Pudding

So the bristling winds and icy mornings are getting ever more abundant, and evenings wet and windy. We’ve all got the January blues, an inevitable effect of the festive season coming to a close and normal life resuming. What we all need this time of the year is a pick-me-up a bit of comfort to get through the dreary days. 

Now I don’t know whether it’s the British in me, but every so often I get a very particular hankering. A particular hankering that can only be fulfilled by a scone with raspberry jam and butter, clotted cream if I’m feeling particularly woeful…

Scones (unless you make your own, which probably would be the least likely thing I would certainly ever do), often come packaged in packs of four. But then they start to go stale! So we’ve all heard of bread and butter pudding, but here is my version of scone and butter pudding, the perfect hot treat to keep you warm on cold winter’s night.

Take your individual pie dish, or large ramekin, whatever ovenproof dish suits (I didn’t really have the right sized dish to hand) and grease the base with butter. Start off by slicing your scone vertically into around 4 slices, and butter one side of those slices. Arrange them in the dish and cover with a couple of tablespoonfuls of milk. Dot over a few spoonfuls of seedless raspberry jam.

Now comes for the custard element. Now, making custard for one, or any quantity of custard is quite tricky. You trying halving an egg! So I have gone down the cheating alley, head held high. The marvellous folks at Ambrosia make individual pots of ready-made custard. I spoon this over the scone and jam mix. Then sprinkle some sugar over the top (preferably demerara) and bake in an oven at 180 degrees (fan) for around 20 minutes or until nicely golden-brown and bubbling.

Now tuck in and enjoy your decadent winter’s night treat!

S x

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