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Gutter: A Novel (2008)

by K'wan(Favorite Author)
4.5 of 5 Votes: 1
0312360096 (ISBN13: 9780312360092)
review 1: I thought that this book was just okay. For some reason I just didn't enjoy reading it as much I have other books by K'wan. It took me a while to finish reading it because I just never was really able to get into it. At one point I was just reading it to get finished with it because once I start a book I can't stand not to finish it. I felt that there were just so many characters to try to keep up with and it just seemed really long and drawn out. I still love K'wan, but this book just didn't do anything for me like some of his other books have.
review 2: Keepin' It GutterWith his physical wounds healed but still recuperating from his emotional wounds, the loss of his friend Lou-Loc, Gutter must continue to lead the Harlem Crips. But when a family emergency cal
... morels him back to California, all hell breaks loose. It's been more than a minute since I'd read anything by Kwan. I'm glad I decided to give GUTTER a chance. Kwan's writing style is gritty, volatile and gripping as Gutter struggles with his inner beast. Defined by death, blood and violence, GUTTER will pin you to your seat. less
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I love Kwan the book was good but it was a little all over the place.
This book is very interesting and is the sequel to Gangsta.
I cannot get enough of K'wan!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved this book!!
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