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Mama's Shoes (2011)

by Rebecca D. Elswick(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 2
1458200671 (ISBN13: 9781458200679)
Abbott Press
review 1: I enjoyed Mamma's Shoes. Losts of head nodding moments for me; yes, grandmothers did take their young grandsons to the beauty shop with them back in the late 60s. Nice twist to the story at the end, and, the more I consider it, the more plausible it is.Let me say again, I really did enjoy this novel. There were, however, two small things that bothered me. The first is the overuse of similies. Sometimes a runny nose is simply a runny nose; it doesn't have to be described as 'flowing like a raging river'. While this particular simile wasn't in the story, there were way too many of them. At several points, every time we'd come across one, my wife and I would laugh.I wish there had been one more chapter at the end to tie up some loose ends. If any part of the story was... more weak, it was the ending. One more chapter would have made all the difference in the world.Otherwise, again, I really did like this book, and would definately recommend it. I'm looking forward to another novel by Elswick.
review 2: I received this from Ms. Elswick through a reviewing group on Goodreads.It’s All About the Shoes.Sylvia once told Sassy, “…when a woman puts on high heels, she feels like a lady,” and high heels show that “she cares about how she feels. She knows that when she puts on high heels, she’ll stand and walk more graceful.” Mama’s Shoes is the story of a young widow and her only daughter. It wasn’t just about her shoes, but rather the life she led while wearing them. Her life was as colorful as her shoes and she held her head as high as her heels. But, she tucked away her secrets like her shoes in their boxes. I recommend this book to those who have read Fried Green Tomatoes or loved Steel Magnolias. less
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A gripping story that I couldn't put down. I hope there's a sequel in the works.
I truly enjoyed this story, the pacing, and the regional color!
Good book by local author.
Excellent book.
I loved this book.
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