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Wolf's Valentine (2010)

by Rebecca Royce(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: Rate - 4 1/2 stars -- This romantic short story is a wonderful addition to the Westervelt Wolves series. Malcolm and Jana is a marvelous couple. Jana had been whisked away from the pack 30 years ago to save her life. She has been working in advertising for a large athletic corporation and has not been around any other wolf. Malcolm, a warrior for the pack and while hiding his wolf scent is sent on an assignment to get information on the owner of this corporation, is shocked when he realizes that Jana is his mate. Being a romantic at heart the fun starts. We are given other parts of the puzzle involving the plan that Kendrick has in play. I look forward to reading the next book of this fascinating storyline.
review 2: Wolf's ValentineBook 3.5 - Not a stand
... more alone book.It's Valentines day and Jana gets a strange Valentine Card. With the word "Mate" in it. She has been in hiding for so many years, and now she has been found.Malcolm is a Westervelt Wolf, taking herbs to cover his scent , while trying to take down the traitors and bad guys. Who'd of thunk it, his mate works for one of those men. After a fight he ends up on the same train as Jana. They work through the whole curse of a male wolf killing his mate. The Age difference! They finally mate and oh let the fun begin.Book 4First let me say this is not a stand alone book.Even tho this is a short book. I really got to know both characters. I felt for Jana as she had memories of what she had lost and being thrust into a new world everything she had to overcome. Malcolm was very young when the Spell on the Male Wolves happened. They really helped each other deal with the past and yet they came together to start a new future in the Westervelt Wolf Pack.4 StarPatches juliebookreview.blogpsot.com less
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Writing a story about a curse that isn't in effect anymore is not a great idea. Good try though.
SUPER short, only about 35 pages or so. But a cute little novella set in the Westervelt world.
A cute little story ab a wolf finding his mate on Valentine's day.
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