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Babaarc (2014)

by Renee Rosen(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
I.P.C. Könyvek
review 1: I was expecting this to be one of those romances where a girl has to choose between two dudes who both love her differently but she appreciates both of them because that's really what the back cover made it sound like. Also, that's kind of how these books go: apparently, the only thing better than a Nora Roberts-esque romance is a Nora Roberts-esque romance set in the 1920s, during the times of flappers and mobsters. But oh my GOD this got crazy. The writing may not have been good, but it was never wishy-washy, meaning whatever was happening in the plot was very clearly explained. It's in first person, which meant that the protagonist wasn't exactly my favorite person for a while because she seemed entirely caught up in these two different guys (Shep, the classy mobster fr... moreom North Side and Tony, the more dangerous, passionate mobster from South Side) but little did I know this book would take me on a ten-year journey of the main character, Vera, learning how to stand on her own in a world where alcohol is illegal and everyone she knows has something to do with bootlegging, more or less. I haven't read historical fiction this satisfying in a while.
review 2: Dollface is the story of Vera Abramowitz. She escaped her mother's neighborhood and the meatpacking business her mother ran to find a life of glamor. She finds it in Shep Green, but what happens when Vera finds her choices have tied her inextricably to the Chicago mobs? Dollface is the next best thing to actually visiting 1920s Chicago. It's full of atmosphere and cameos by Al Capone, Bugs Moran, and many other infamous names. My only complaint about the book is that for a narrative that hinges solely on Vera's choices, the end seems abrupt and without leaves Vera without a choice. less
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I'd give this a 3.5. Really enjoyed the story and the storytelling.
It made me feel like I was reading an episode of Boardwalk Empire.
Fabulous! I totally loved this book. I could hardly put it down.
This is an entertaining train or plane read. I enjoyed it.
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