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The Zigzag Principle: The Goal Setting Strategy That Will Revolutionize Your Business And Your Life (2011)

by Rich Christiansen(Favorite Author)
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0071774580 (ISBN13: 9780071774581)
review 1: I received this as part of the First Reads program. I was honestly not expecting too much, another business book, but I ended up enjoying it. It has some of the standard messages you would expect from a business book, but also some good insights that I haven't seen elsewhere. It lays out the principles in a pretty straightforward manner and with clear, simple stories to help illustrate the points. I did find the constant reinforcements of the message to be slightly annoying at times (I like to think that I'm not stupid), but that was really my only complaint. It has inspired me to make some changes to my life in the new year and gave me a feeling of hope about changing certain things. What more can you ask of such a book?
review 2: This book is fantastic for te
... moreaching practical rules in building a business. The author isn't trying to teach you some theory he came up with, but a strategy he has proven several times over. His sensible, calm and logical approach to business makes sense, and it gets you really excited to start putting these principles to use. Though The Zigzag Principle is an easy read, it's worth way more than so many "in-depth" books because of how driven it gets you to work hard on something that makes sense. less
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Interesting ideas expanded to a book. Reassuring for those who fell they might be struggling.
Great read. Speaks to the struggle of building your brand, whether personal or corporate.
The idea may not be brand new, but the presentation itself is the trick.
Very practical, doable approach. Will add it to my business library.
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