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Pellonreuna - Umpitien Päässä (2009)

by Richard Thompson(Favorite Author)
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Cul de Sac
review 1: Bill Watterson ylistää tämän kirjan esipuheessa tätä sarjakuvaa, mikä on omiaan nostattamaan odotuksia. Ja kyllä, tämä on aika hyvä. Oivaltavaa, hyvin piirrettyä ja hauskasti vinksahtanutta. Muutamaan otteeseen tulee mieleen Joakim Pirisen Hiekkalaatikon hirmut, tosin ilman pahimpia irstailuja. Meille suomalaisille sarjakuvanlukijoille tällainen vinksahtaneisuus ei kuitenkaan ole uutta strippisarjakuvassa. Watterson ei ehkä ole lukenut Viiviä ja Wagneria tai Fingerporia. Onkohan edes Joakim Piristä? Lisäksi jäin kaipaamaan lämpöä, jota Pellonreunasta ei juurikaan löydy. Monesti nauratti ääneen, silti.
review 2: I hung out with Richard for a few hours at a party last year and we kept getting interrupted by his fans who would rush up and s
... moreay "Cul De Sac is the greatest thing ever" and Richard mentioned it was nice talking to me because he was at the party to enjoy himself not talk about his work. I never told him that the only reason I did not mention his work was because I had no idea who he was and had never heard of Cul De Sac, I just thought he was a cool guy and pleasant to chat with. I was at Borders 2 days ago and saw his book and figured I had to buy it and I was floored. The unconventional, stunning art, humor I had not seen in strips since Breathed and Waterson. Now when I see him this year at that annual party I have to keep my cool because I am a fan. So now the only modern strips I read are Sherman's Lagoon, Mutts and Cul De Sac. less
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A newspaper comic strip that is actually funny. Who knew that such a thing still exists?
I really like this comic strip, so much so that I can read a whole book about these kids.
a book of gorey revenge
funniest cartoons ever
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