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De Warschau-anagrammen (2009)

by Richard Zimler(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 3
9045203944 (ISBN13: 9789045203942)
review 1: Acabei de ler uma história tão humana e ao mesmo tempo tão empolgante. "Os Anagramas de Varsóvia" é um romance, um thriller, um policial e sobretudo uma lição de vida e uma homenagem ao que sofreram os judeus na Polónia. Demorei a entrar no ambiente e tal como os judeus que o sofreram na pele a me acostumar ao gueto de Varsóvia mas depois sentimo-nos como uma personagem amiga da personagem principal que vive no gueto. Recomendo!
review 2: Richard Zimler (The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon) has written another extraordinary book. Narrated by Dr. Erik Cohen, a recently deceased 67-year old psychiatrist, it is the story of the doctor's search for the murderer of his grand-nephew, Adam, whose mutilated body is found on a section of the barbed wire fence that en
... morecloses the Warsaw ghetto. Unfortunately, Adam is but one of several Jewish children who have been mysteriously murdered, had a body part cut off and left entangled in the barbed wire by an unknown assailant.Set in 1942, we follow Dr. Cohen's moves inside and outside the ghetto walls as he pieces together the clues that will ultimately lead him to the childrens' killer. While the novel, therefore, is a detective story, Zimler has given us so much more in his description of the conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto and the effects of the Nazi's imprisonment on the Jews trying to survive an increasingly hopeless situation. More than just a mystery thriller, The Warsaw Anagrams powerfully depicts the deterioration of a community desperate to hang on to some semblance of its former self. Zimler gives us real characters who will stay with you long after you have finished the book. They show rage, cunning, brilliance and even tenderness and humor as they struggle to outwit their captors and stay alive.I found the conclusion of this book to be incredibly moving. Zimler really shifts gears in the final 20 pages or so and gives us a powerful ending that is sad yet uplifting. And for those who have read his previous works he even drops a name that will leave you wondering. less
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A moving story of life, death and murder in the Warsaw ghetto
As with all Zimler books of this kind, I really enjoyed it.
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