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Raining In My Heart (2013)

by Rita Hestand(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
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The McKays
review 1: 2 1/2 stars. I wanted to rate this book higher because the plot was interesting, but too many things drove me nuts about it. Julie and Cade grew up on the same ranch as kids and Julie had a crush on Cade's twin brother Wade. Julie decides to seduce Wade, but gets the wrong brother. Although she soon realizes it's the wrong brother, she still sleeps with him. Huh? She runs off and never returns. Nine years later, she's called back to the ranch after her father dies. She's reunited with her sisters and they are instructed to live on the ranch for one year to earn a hefty inheritance. Secrets were revealed in her father's will that made absolutely no sense to me. Without giving spoilers, I'll just say, it was overkill and unbelievable. There was a lot of telling and... more not showing and this book was extremely repetetive. Julie tells everyone she runs into the same story of why she left. Once is enough! She also reveals her deepest secret over and over again. If the repetitive stories were left out, I think this book would be half the word count!! After the third retelling, I got so frustrated. Also, a lot of editing was needed for missing or misspelled words that caused me to re-read passages. Now, I did like the characters. I think they were well done but the rest drove me nuts. There's also a mystery going on that I'm quite sure I solved early on, but it's a crafty one that was a good idea. I would have liked a little more spice also. This is a very PG rated book, but that's just my opinion, my rating would not have changed for that reason. All in all, I think this book needs a lot of work. I feel bad with the lower rating, but I just go so frustrated reading it.
review 2: I almost gave up on this book - it had potential as a story but failed to deliver with any conviction. I didn't care for the protagonists and how repetitive every conversation was. And I don't care how messed up you are, but how was it even possible to think that Jim was a goer??? Every romance of this type has to have the proverbial wrong choice man, but he has to have something redeeming about him so that we can at least see why the woman fell for him initially! The ending was on the ridiculous side but the biggest issue with this story - it leaves too many clues as to where the plot is going so you actually reach the point where you think, we'll, what is the point? Suffice to say, book 2 will not be making it to my to be read list.... less
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I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end !!!!!
Is a great book to read
pretty good
3.75 stars
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