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The 5 Greatest Spankings Of All Time (2012)

by Rob Wood(Favorite Author)
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1469912481 (ISBN13: 9781469912486)
Circle RW Publishing
review 1: I received this book from Rob as a gift.Growing up in the '50's I certainly identified! What a simpler time, and we certainly could get away with a lot more ~ but some of antics of Rob and his brothers were a little more daredevil than I ventured!This book was laugh out loud funny, and I laughed until my stomach hurt! I'm surprised his parents survived some of their shenanigans!!I loved the stories that Rob shared in this book. But, what I'm wondering . . . there of course had to be more adventures and more spankings . . . so could there be a sequel? The Next Not-So-Great Spankings, But Worth A Mention?Thank you Rob for your gift.
review 2: Rob sent me a copy of this book, and I must thank him! Rob, this book has become my 'happy place'! If those were the
... more 5 Greatest Spankings of All Time, I'd hate (or rather, love) to hear about the ones that didn't make the cut for the book! While reading this book I yearned for the simpler life of days gone by - when kids played outside and made their own fun without the stagnant video gaming, mind numbing activities that kids worship today. Having 2 boys myself, I can just imagine what antics they could dream up without the technological advances of today. Rob's brother Randy reminds me of my middle child Jacob in so many ways. I love that although the brothers were subjected to multiple 'lickins' throughout their 'formative years', they were allowed to be kids and explore what came their way. Nowadays, spanking is taboo and thought of as child abuse (and I certainly agree to some extent being a 'lickee' myself a few times!), but spanking has become a lost art. Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning spanking by any means, but discipline of yesteryear did seem to be more effective than it is today. I look forward to reading more of Rob's stories in the future! less
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[2012-06-12} Arrived today - I started reading it on the way back to the office...
Ed loved this book, but I knew he would! lol *Alicia Baugh*
I am looking forward to receiving this "first reads" book.
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