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A Separate Country (2009)

by Robert Hicks(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 2
044658164X (ISBN13: 9780446581646)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: While this book was somewhat entertaining, it was a lot of work to stay engaged reading it. it is not nearly as "tightly" written as Widow of the South, Robert Hicks' other historical fiction. There was so much extraneous stuff going on, I sometimes lost the thread of what I was reading about. Was it murder, was it the thugs, was it yellow fever? Who were the bad guys, who were the good? And I thought I might be reading more about the actual General John Bell Hood. I wanted to know more about the controversial Confederate general who commanded the troops in Franklin, TN where numerous of my ancestors fought with him, and died. I need to go searching now, to find out more about Hood to see what was real (I suspect not much) and was was fiction in Mr.Hicks' s... moretory.
review 2: Thoroughly enjoyed this book as it revived memories of the ten years i lived in Franklin, Tennessee. I regularly drove on Columbia Pike, followed Hood's progression and retreat, saw winstead Hill, Carter House and McGavock Farms. The historical fiction story woven through some authentic historical figures was believable and accurate. I also enjoyed the ties to Hicks' earlier book, "The Widow of the South." less
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I wish I had read the reviews before I tried to read this!! Yawner!
Good reading, but slow at times.
Hey book : you suck!
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