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The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet (2013)

by Robin Palmer(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 3
0142412503 (ISBN13: 9780142412503)
review 1: I started reading this with no expectations. All of Robin Palmers other books have been fairy tale remakes and for every Cindy Ella (love) there was a Geek Charming (awful). But The Corner of Bitter and Sweet was amazing, a heartfelt dramedy that felt 100% authentic. While the setting may be fantasy for most the relationships and emotions were not. She should ditch the fluff and write like this from now on.
review 2: The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Robin Palmer is perfectly titled. The relationship between teen Annabelle and her mother, struggling actress Janie Jackson, is indeed both bitter and sweet, and Palmer depicts its evolution in beautiful detail. The heartbreaking nonchalance with which Annabelle details her life caring for her alcoholic mother
... more rings all too true, but perhaps the greatest surprise lies in the book's humor. This is tough subject matter, but Palmer infuses her characters - Annabelle in particular - with such wit and humor, it's an easy read with many laugh-out-loud moments. It also treats romance, from Annabelle's first love to the love lives of the adults around her, in a way that is both realistic and charming. These characters will stay with me. While I am technically not the target audience (this is a YA book, and I am fortyish), I loved it. less
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It only takes a few pages to figure out why this book was in the teen section at the library...
Well it was good to read with the humorous mother and daughter.
Quite decent for a fluff read.
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