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Nothing Lasts Forever (2012)

by Roderick Thorp(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
Graymalkin Media
Die Hard
review 1: This book is the inspiration for Die Hard. I've know about this book for a while and finally tracked it down and bought a copy where it sat on my shelf for a bit. Glad I finally read it. This novel is a bit grittier than the movie. Some of the terrorists are women. The main character is named Joe Leland. He's a World War II Veteran. A lot of the books scenes, dialogue and characters made it into the movie. It's pretty great.
review 2: I might have liked this more if it wasn't a sequel to The Detective. The Detective is dense, moody and intriguing. This was shallow and quick. It really didn't feel like the same Joe Leland and the few pages of updates on other characters from The Detective were rushed and depressing. This might work as a stand alone cop thril
... moreler, but as a follow-up to The Detective it's a total failure. I wish I hadn't read it. less
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Honestly in places, I think this book was better than the movie!
So-so first act, terrific second act, morally-murky third act.
Overall I thought the book was good and is a good thriller]
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