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Still Into You (2012)

by Roni Loren(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 4
Berkley Heat
review 1: Still Into You, by Roni Loren. I have loved everything so far that Roni Loren has written. I don't know how this one slipped past me. Seth and Leila are a couple who seem to have lost their way. They talk about life, kids, work and have forgotten about love and sex. They schedule sex as if they are making a shopping list. Then one day Leila goes to meet an interior design client and sparks fly! She leaves hastily and feels guilty. Her husband goes to see his brother in law who owns a sex shop. Mentions that the spark is going out in his relationship. The brother in law makes a suggestion.Go visit the private club he frequents. So Seth and Leila go to the club, but Seth has a rule. "We are NOT married." Can Leila handle letting go, to save her marriage. To get the fire back... more in her marriage. Read this steamy read to find out! I give it 5 starts!! I can't wait to read Roni Loren's upcoming book!!
review 2: I didn't love this but I found the story & characters compelling. The portrayal of a marriage in trouble is really well done and the h/h are very sympathetic, with realistic reactions. The husband gets jealous when the wife thinks about cheating. I wasn't sold on the hero's instant transformation into a dom or any of the Ranch stuff, esp. the Kade coincidence. But I kept reading. I also read the excerpt for Melt Into You and was intrigued. This is an author to watch for emotional erotic romance! I'm in if I can find a non-club, non-menage story by her. less
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Hot, hot, hot, that is about all I can say. Love Roni Loren, loved this book!
I'm not convinced they have a HEA.
Really loving this series!
Brave. Real. Liberating.
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