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Ryder's Last Run (2013)

by Rose Dewallvin(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 1
Wolf Paw Publications
Dueling Dragons MC
review 1: this is the second installment of the Dueling Dragons MC Series...This is the continuation of Ryder and Faith's story.The first book lost a star for me by ending in a cliffy... I just can not stomach cliffies... especially when it is in the middle of an OMG noooo scene... so I am really happy that this one continues immediately after the OMG noooo sceneWe get to hang along for the ride for Ryder to get back to Faith... can they finally be together, happily ever after?? will Fate change the game for them??read on my lovelies to find out...
review 2: ***WARNING*** If you have not read Faith's Temptation, you will need to read to prior to Ryder's RedemptionThis story picks up where Faith's Temptation left off. Ryder was bailed out of jail by the Russians and no
... morew they own him, Faith fears that something bad has happened to Ryder, and she thinks she's lost him forever. Faith holds on tight to the memory of Ryder with all of her might while dealing with her dying father at the same time. Ryder clings to the memory of Faith has he fights for his freedom. Months of fighting will change a man, and Ryder changes.But there is more going on in this story that just Faith missing Ryder and Ryder fighting for his freedom to keep Faith safe. There are changes going on within the MC, ones that will change things forever. Ryder now not only has to deal with fighting to keep Faith safe but also has to fight to keep the MC from falling apart and deal with a portion of his past that decides it's time to return just when things start to look up. With so much weighing against them, can Faith and Ryder find their way back to one another?While this story did pick up where Faith's Temptation left off, I just felt like something was missing for me. I loved Faith's Temptation, it was one of the better MC novels I have read, but Ryder's Redemption failed to capture the love I felt in Faith's Temptation. Did I finish it? Sure. I just felt like there was something lacking in it, there was no heat or passion, but this book was full of pain and heartache I'll give it that. Then to find out there's another book? While I am excited to continue their story, I just wish this would have been one or two books instead of three. I will finish it just because I want to know what happens, but somewhere along the way, I disconnected myself from the overall story and I'm hoping that book three will draw me back in as I did love both characters and several others from the story. I give it 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.***Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review*** less
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to unbelieveable.. and to quick of a book...
Loved it but please tell me there's more x
I will get it typed up :-P
4 1/2 stars
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