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THE CASE OF THE PIG IN THE EVENING SUIT (Dumfries Detective Trilogy) (2013)

by RR Gall(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Jin Johnstone is a quiet, unremarkable man living in Dumfries, Scotland. Inheritances from assorted relatives have left him comfortable and able to pursue his passions of golf, going to the pub, and helping people. He’s not a PI, he’s just a tenacious guy with a lot of curiosity.When a dead pig wearing an evening suit is found in a storm drain in Dumfries, Jin is intrigued and decides to investigate; a bad decision for him, because he ends up in peril. Repeatedly.I had a little difficulty reading this book – there’s an extended scene involving Jin, a naked woman and citrus fruit (not particularly graphic, just more detailed than I needed – or wanted – and I don’t think it moved the plot forward) and too much science about bird flu. So I just paged by thos... moree topics.The settings, however, were well-described, Jin was moderately likable and the plot interesting enough to get me to finish the book. There is some discussion about infecting house pets with infectious diseases, but that wasn’t particularly graphic either. Just off-putting. No complaints about the writing or editing. It’s a decent book for the treadmill (I will say I was surprised by the ending - did not see that coming - and I give points for the clever title), but I don’t feel the need to read more in this series.
review 2: I was delightfully engaged for the first half of the book: A cast of eccentrics and an intriguing little mystery entertained me, and I looked forward to more in the series. Unfortunately, the story peaked at the 50% mark when the primary plot came to conclusion and a secondary footnote riddle was solved. From there it took a turn, becoming a medical-mystery with jargon that was out of tune with the chatty dialogue in the beginning. New stories continued to emerged, and by then I was just over it. It had promise, but I don't think I need to read further.. less
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I really enjoyed this book and will be buying the others in the series
3.5 starsReview coming soon
very good
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