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Defriended (2013)

by Ruth Baron(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
0545423570 (ISBN13: 9780545423571)
review 1: This cover will draw readers and the title gives away a major part of the book's plot that the story is about a friendship created on Facebook. Jason has found the perfect girl, named Lacey. The only problem is, he has never met her because he simply friended her on Facebook. Although they have several things in common and have even chatted online, Lacey denies Jason the opportunity to meet in person. He becomes suspicious and starts Googling her only to find out that Lacey has been dead for a year. Who, then, has been communicating with Jason on Lacey's Facebook page? This is a suspenseful novel and the author has done a nice job showing the dangers of making friends online.
review 2: This was an amazing book! It is about a teenage boy who starts talking
... moreto a girl on facebook. After asking her several times if she'd like to hang out the girl had declined every time making up a new excuse each time. He finally decides to google her and what comes up is very surprising.. her obituary. The girl he was talking to had been dead for several months now, yet is still facebook messaging her. This is his journey on finding the girl and making sure she is safe, or even alive. She basically sends her on a wild goose chase like stealing a hard drive from her brothers car, and digging up a necklace from her grave. If youre into mysteries I definitely recommend it. less
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IT SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT it talks about a boy who gets stalked on Facebook
great book had a good twist at the end you never expected
Good suspense for hipsters.
Great spooky story.
Utter shite
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