Short girls run the world

So this is just a quick and little post but I just wanted to support my other girls who are also little. Because who runs the world? You’re right, GIRLS! Girls should support each other and gives tips and help one another.

When you’re a small girl it’s really difficult finding clothes, but when I say clothes I mean especially pants… I hope all small girls agree with me on that because it’s horror. Don’t you pants making people see that small girls don’t have that long legs??

For me buying pants is the hardest thing to do. Sometimes it’s the waist that’s to big and when it’s not the waist it are the ankles that are to wide and when it’s not that it are the legs that are to long, it’s always something.

So what do I normally do? 

I just check if the waist fits and that the ankles aren’t that wide. In the end I always have to wrap the legs untill it fits.


A few days ago I ordered some things one, including a pair of jeans. BUT I picked my jeans at the section PETITE. Petite is a section for small girls up to 1m65 with clothes that fit us. The jeans and pants are therefore shorter and we don’t have to wrap them anymore! It’s fits perfectly. I’m so happy that I finally ordered jeans out of the petite section.


What do you do against trousers that are to long? Let me know in the comments!


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