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Running With Joy (2000)

by Ryan Hall(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Ryan Hall's training journals are a little sporadic at times, but I guess that would be characteristic of the fastest American Marathoner. It is inspiring to read about the highs and lows that he experiences in training and how he copes with the differnt obstacles he encounters on a day to day basis. Even though Hall is a devout Christian he spends most of his time in the book trying to have a "thankful heart." Faith and running do not mix in some people's view because it is deemed such a selfish endeavor, but he explains that the lord wants us to live out our passions to the fullest and finds joy in our experiences. It is only when we become greedy in wanting to reap success upon success that we are going against the what we were created to do which is to "be thankful f... moreor what we are given." Ryan Hall makes apparent in this book that he is ot only a runner, but also a believer.
review 2: Ryan Hall has written an interesting journal. While it is not the most fast paced or literary read, it is worth reading to gain insight into the mindset of a competitive Christian runner. Hall's struggle to maintain his focus on the joy of running despite unsatisfactory training days and disappointing races was particularly interesting. Being a running geek I also enjoyed the informative sidebars and the mention of training aids such as massage, ice baths, altitude and hi/low training, compression, DS trainers, running books, etc. The book is exactly what it says it is: a series of journal entries leading up to the Boston Marathon. If you keep your expectations at that level then you will find this small book a very quick and informative read. less
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I really enjoyed reading about his marathon journey! I found it very inspiring!
un plan d'entrainement dans la vie d'un professionnel de la course.
A profound way to approach running and exercise in general.
This makes me want to run...and run joyfully!!!
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