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Something Different (2011)

by S.A. Reid(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: I have mixed feelings about this book, the story was quite enjoyable but it is guilty of one of my biggest pet peeves, setting a book in England and filling it with US references. We don't have Frosted flakes, they are called Frosties here. That and various other purely US terms spoiled the book for me. Either set the book where you know the language or get it right. Ok rant over. Pet peeves aside the story wasn't bad. I liked Michael and James and I wanted to kill the evil Sharon. I do like an epilogue and it was nice to see the couple had grown together and that Frannie found happiness too.
review 2: This is my first S.A. Reid book. I liked this story. It wasn't one of my favorites, but it was still nice. It didn't really trigger any strong emotions out of m
... moree, but I did like the way it unfolded. What I liked most of the story is that Michael wasn't really bothered by the fact that he was falling for a guy. Unlike most characters in other stories, such guys would first be in complete denial and try to be big asses about the situation, but Michael was cute xD I'll definitely check out more of her stories. less
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Fabulous and funny at times, along with sad and painful. I really needed this read.
A lovely, unexpected treat. Thank you, Jenni Lea, for lending me your copy. :)
3.5 overall. I liked it but greediness made me want more.
I really enjoyed this.
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