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Stiefmoederscollectief (2000)

by Sam Baker(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 2
904751081X (ISBN13: 9789047510819)
Van Holkema & Warendorf
review 1: The best I can give this book is 3 even though I wanted to give a 4. It's because I love other characters in SSG than I love the main character, Eve. I mean, things look easy from her side compared to the others and I believe it is only fair if the other stories, Mandy's for example, was elaborated more by Sam Baker. Other than that, the book is a tutor in several life lesson. Thanks for being updated too. The part where blogging, Gossip Girl and iPod was involved were the parts where I'm feeling like reading a modern book:)Keep on improving, SSG:)
review 2: An ordinary chicklit book with some more depth to it. What if the the love of your life came with kids attached? What would you do and and how would you treat the kids? The kids that always will come first,
... more not you. The book doesn't give any big insights on those questions, but it gives you a feeling that you're not alone. Stepmother, stepfather or stepchild, other's have been in your shoes before. Great friends who can lend you an ear or two over coffee and wine is also of course good. Definitely a good read that made me think a bit differently upon the whole stepmother/stepchild thing. less
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Quite good. Not gipping but interesting insight into some relationships.
Leuk boek om te lezen, met een actueel thema.
Good easy read, loved it
Loved it!
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