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Zombies At Tiffany's (2012)

by Sam Stone(Favorite Author)
4.39 of 5 Votes: 5
1845830725 (ISBN13: 9781845830724)
review 1: Having previously read all of Sam Stone's other books with the exception of Silent Sand, which I will be reading very soon as I have just ordered it, I had to pre order Zombies At Tiffany's as I just could not wait to read it. I have to say I was definately not disappointed with this. I sat and read it from start to finish as I could not put the book down I was so engrossed in it. I loved everything about the book from the amazing cover art to the zombie who would only eat kosher brains which I thought was just brilliant and possibly my favourite part of the book as for me it just brought a bit of humour into all the horror. The whole story is brilliantly written and I love that Sam does not shy away from the blood and gore like some authors sometimes do. Sam Stone is defi... morenately right up at the top of my favourite author list and I would definately recommend her books to anyone that loves to read horror and doesn't mind a bit of blood and gore.
review 2: Zombies at Tiffany's is an enjoyable novella and a thrilling new world to be plunged into.It's set in the US at the time of the civil war and features Kat a young lady who is employed at Tiffany's. Sam Stone has put her own spin on the zombie mythos with some interesting features, that I hadn't come across before - I'm not a Zombie expert though.Added to the mix is a smattering of steampunk which makes for a heady enjoyable mashup of genres.It's a pacey read and short, with plenty of gore for the horror fans, some inventive machinery for the steampunks and a few knowing winks to fans of Holly Golightly. I read it in two bursts and had a great time. One I would definitely recommend, I'd love to hear more from Kat, Martin, George and Holly the cat. less
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Great fun, really liked the use of some characters from the Truman Capote book of similar name :)
Good story, decent writing, but the pacing is weird.
Loved it!
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