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Recipe Box (2013)

by Sandra Lee(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 3
1401312942 (ISBN13: 9781401312947)
review 1: This was just an ok read for me. The plot was one that has been overdone and was fairly predictable as well.Let's see...there was the thirty-something Grace, divorced from her husband and raising a rebellious teen daughter. Grace is hard-working in LA and has little time to spend with her daughter.Then there is the sudden death of best friend Leeza who challenges Grace to make amends with her past in order to move on. Leeza does this before AND after her death.That brings about another over-done part of the plot. Grace's father died when she was young and as a teen, Grace discovers a secret about her past that her mother has kept from her. Grace becomes estranged from her mother but not before having a quick fling with an exchange student to get back at her high sch... moreool sweetheart, from whom she is now divorced.At any rate, Grace ends up racing from LA to Chicago to New London, WI to keep her daughter on track and to do as Leeza has urged...to make amends with her past. I couldn't keep up with where Grace was and how she to where she was so quickly.For me, the book left out the important details that would set me up for the next scene. One minute she was here, one minute she was there. I just felt that there were "too many ingredients" in this story to be believable and to really engage me in the plot. The title suggested something more intimate and relevant, a box of treasures if you will and I think that was the intent, but it never fully developed with the all the "drama" that took place. I was disappointed that the book didn't reach, for me, the potential that I thought it had.
review 2: Okay, this was a novel concept - the interspersing of the recipes into the actual body of the work. The recipes were high sugar, high dairy, which do not appeal to me - I'm sure they taste fantastic but I doubt whether I'll be making any of them.The actual writing was a little on the one dimensional side, the characters needed further development, and I would have liked a lot more tension to the mystery of who the real fathers are. It just felt like I was being fed a very straightforward tale, full of sugar and spice, which left me unsatisfied in then end, as I wanted Grace to be more than she was....... less
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Sandra may be a great cook but she's a terrible novel writer.
Gosh, I'm glad I didn't buy this book!
Wonderful, wonderful book.
Very good book!
A good read
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