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The Recipe Box (2013)

by Sandra Lee(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 5
1401304796 (ISBN13: 9781401304799)
review 1: This is chick lit at its worst. The plot is chock-full of life crises, the author justifies her character's actions by telling us all about their motivations, rather than showing, and the writing is schlock. The main character, Grace is divorced, and she has followed her childhood friend Ken to California to take a job as a prop manager for a popular TV show. Her daughter is misbehaving and gets suspended from school. When her best friend in Wisconsin dies, Grace moves her daughter back to her home town, New London, and tries to rebuild her relationship with her own mother. Family secrets abound. The author is a Food Network celebrity, and the only positive of this book is the wonderful original recipes throughout. I will definitely try making some of them! My recommendati... moreon: get the book from the library, copy the recipes, don't read the book.
review 2: This is a "you know you can figure it out" type story. It is about a woman who is divorced with a teenage daughter. She has a wonderful career working with one of her best friends from childhood in Hollywood, Ca. They have a third friend who is ill and still lives in their hometown in New London, Wisconsin. Of course, there are "issues" and problems but everything always seems to fall into place without too much of a struggle. It's like a life the reader might think they would want to live but probably would be bored because there doesn't seem to be many challenges except for what the main character makes for herself. It's a good escape book for a winter weekend or a vacation. I enjoyed it because it was light reading and I was in the mood for that style. less
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light but fun food romance
Light easy read.
Love this book!
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