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On Her Way Home (2014)

by Sara Petersen(Favorite Author)
4.46 of 5 Votes: 2
1499330596 (ISBN13: 9781499330595)
review 1: A very enjoyable story. I hope there are sequels so we can find out what happens to Leif & Charlie. Oh, and little Sam, too. I must add an addendum to my comments: while I read this about a month ago, I find that the richness of the story has stayed with me. Something about it has a glow that keeps catching my eye--or perhaps my heart. It has the feel that it was written in that time, not just about that time. Mmmm . . .very satisfying.
review 2: I loved On Her Way Home by Sara Petersen because it was not a typical love story. Set in 1923, the book follows Jo Swenson as she travels west to find a job, a meaningful life and herself. She is hired on as a ranch hand, a very nontraditional job for women, and finds satisfaction in the hard physical labor. Soon sh
... moree finds herself butting heads with ranch owner and World War I veteran Mac Hawkins, who is furious that his brother would dare hire a woman. Jo's tenacity and faith in God is a source of confusion and admiration for Mac. The story unfolds gradually without revealing all of the tension and secrets too early. I found myself drawn through the gamut of emotions, fiercely hoping that the past wouldn't defeat a hopeful future. This is a book I plan to read again and again. I thank Sara Peterson for sharing a complimentary e-book with me--I will be looking for more excellent books from her. less
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What an amazing accomplishment. I wish nothing but success for this new author and her family.
Loved this book. I didn't want it to end.
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