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The Dark Light (2012)

by Sara Walsh(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 6
1442434554 (ISBN13: 9781442434554)
Simon Pulse
review 1: This book was pure amazement! The author used symbols that I never figured it out until the end of the book. Frankly, my favourite part was the ending. I love how she repeated the same opening paragraph in the end. It kind of made me feel as if we understood what the story was along with Mia, her knowledge became our knowledge as well. So that was pretty interesting! overall experience: very thrilling adventure, it made me want Mia to stay in the hidden world, but she had to go back. *hint hint* *nudge nudge* someone came along as well ;) I really recommend this book!
review 2: A definite page turner. One of the few books that I feel so emotionally attached to. Everything about the book just draws me in. The author did a very good job in developing the charact
... moreers (there's depth to them and they all hold some sort of secret) and making them kind of realistic despite it being fantasy. The love story between Sol - the male lead - and Mia - the female lead - is just so perfect. He will do anything and risk everything to protect her. Fictional boyfriend~ less
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Absolutely loved this book! I wish it didn't end. Hoping for a sequel in the near future!
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