Summer ’17 Book Review

It’s time for my summer book review!

For all of you non-readers out there, let me suggest my favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce
Rules of Engagement

And if you’re on Amazon Prime…

Sex and the City

Now if you’re a reader, get out your pen and paper and take some notes!

The first series I read this summer was the If I Break Series by Portia Moore and oh my goodness, I could not put these books down. I read all five of these books in less than a week. I was so emotionally invested in these, I really felt like I was apart of this story. Yesterday my nanny boy was talking about a boy in his class named Cal (also the main characters name) and my heart skipped a beat like he brought up a long lost love of mine or something. The plot is basically that Lauren is a dreamer, and she plans to make her dreams come true. Everything is on track until she meets Cal… Cal changes everything. She thinks she has found her great love and they get married. Things change and Lauren discovers that her new marriage is far from perfect and full of secrets.

If you are not looking for books to take over your life like the ones I mentioned above…

….You should try these.