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The Blemished (2012)

by Sarah Dalton(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
1781766673 (ISBN13: 9781781766675)
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review 1: This book was so so so so SO amazing! I absolutely loved it. There aren't any words to describe how much I love it.One thing I really have to appreciate is how she threw in plot twists to prevent Mina and David from being together. I'm really bad with names, so forgive me if it's not David, but anyway. If there wasn't a reason to keep them from being together, then it would've taken out a lot of the drama and suspense of the story.There were plenty of surprises in the book, although I did see it coming that Sebastian was not the one for her and Angela loved David.Considering I never write reviews, even for some of my favorites, you know this book caught my attention.
review 2: When it comes to teenage books with a feminist message and a positive role model, “
... moreThe Blemished” series is one of the first books that I think of. It takes place in a dystopian Britain which is governed by the Genetic Enhancement Ministry. This means that those who are genetically modified (GEM’s) have a very beautiful appearance. Those who couldn’t afford the surgery, or had a genetic disorder, became Blemished. Dalton uses this setting as a basis for showing how women are restricted by the views of society. Genetically enhanced girls are expected to have the same very skinny body type and act the same as everyone else in order to stay in certain “popular” groups. Blemished girls have no right to an education – they go to school only to learn how to serve the GEM’s - and no right to have children. They are also punished if they interact with GEM boys or are seen on the streets in the evenings. Mina, the main character, is a fantastic example of a heroine who refuses to be controlled by the expectations of her society or intimidated by the male characters. She sees that it is wrong to surgically control female fertility, and vows to escape having the operation, because she’s seen the effects of some of the women who have had it – not only can they not have children, but they become disoriented and forgetful. Although Mina comes up with some creative ways of making her protest, she is still a moral character, and Dalton makes her realistic and thought-provoking, as well as just plain awesome! Along with all the feminist messages, which are unusual in Young Adult fiction, there is the action which is always associated with the dystopian genre. The book involves some cruelty to women, but it is there to make a point, and it means that the violence by the resistance fighters is completely justified. Overall, it is an exciting, fast-paced and informative read, and I think more teenage books should have these powerful messages. less
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New dystopian ideas. Interesting premise and compelling story that less leave me ready for more.
meh. YA Dystopian. I've read much better. Read as part of the Shattered Worlds 6 pack.
This book was forgettable. Maybe the story is more interesting in later books?
Very good and fun book. I will definitely continue the trilogy!
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