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Wuthering Bites (2010)

by Sarah Gray(Favorite Author)
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0758254083 (ISBN13: 9780758254085)
review 1: "Wuthering Bites" is an awesome Halloween-time read. Wuthering Heights has always been one of my favorite books and, in my opinion, the addition of vampires makes it even better! I have read other beastly versions of classics, such as "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" but they just don't compare to this one.In this book, I really liked that the presence of the "beasties" in the story are so prominent. The addition of vampires actually changes the story slightly, unlike others I've read (in which a zombie attack is tossed in occasionally and all else is exactly the same as the original). This book kept me interested from cover to cover; not just because it is a spinoff of one of my favorite classics, but because it kept me guessing what the fate of the main characters would... more be. I was always wondering who might be taken by a vampire next, and who might possibly be a vampire in disguise. This book was well written, and it's clear that some thought was put into it. I was thoroughly impressed, and I'll be reading it again.
review 2: I probably would have started enjoying this book sooner if I had any idea what went on in Wuthering Heights. I think part of me intended to read Wuthering Heights first, but then I wrote my dry-erase board list and my OCD took over, so... Anyway, once I used Wikipedia to figure out if the story was the same, I found myself devouring this book. A little too far on the tragic side for my taste, but certainly enjoyable to read!Though... the addition of vampires really didn't make it any different to me... I expected more passion and deliciousness (helloooo Mr. Darcy, Vampyre!) but I didn't really find that I got any of that...So basically, if you've reading Wuthering Heights, enjoyed it, and want to read it again with some vampires thrown in for kicks, this is the book for you! less
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It seems that it was always written this way, it was so fitting. I enjoyed this version!
I remember hating Wuthering Heights back in high school but this version was pretty good!
Didn't get the chance to read this, had to return it back to my friend,.
Great escapism!
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