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Diary Of A Sex Addict (2011)

by Scott Alexander Hess(Favorite Author)
3.04 of 5 Votes: 4
1466258861 (ISBN13: 9781466258860)
review 1: What I initially thought to be a fun, light read turned out to be something completely different. The story has dirty sex, it has gore, it has utter loneliness and sadness. The main character can be a vain, insensitive, at times bigoted jerk, but you can't help but to be engaged by his story and you can't help the urge to want to help him somehow, someway. The story is written in present tense (I'm not a big fan of it in general, but it really fits the story) and as the days go by and the advent calendar counts down to Christmas, the story sucks you in. Aunt Flora, Saint Agnes, Pig, Swan, Joan Crawford & Jesus Christ and Ben...Compelling, at times heart breaking, at times really funny. 4 stars
review 2: The title of the book said it all. It's written in first
... moreperson POV. We never know the name of the MC. (maybe I have missed it somehow?)The diary lasted for around a month? It's one sexual encounter after another. No, it's not erotic at all. In fact, it's very dark and it made me uncomfortable. I felt sorry for the MC because his life seemed so aimless, he couldnt think of anything else except sex. There's no actual ending of the story. The MC didn't change a bit from the beginning of the book till the end. The writing was good, straight forward and crisp. The author has successfully written a character who was a sex addict. I gave it 1*, according to GR, I didn't like it. less
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Decent read, and quite interesting to someone who has dated a person like this before...
This books is not for everyone as it can get very dark at times.
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