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Witch Eyes (2011)

by Scott Tracey(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
Witch Eyes
review 1: I'm far too disappointed in the ending to render it any more stars. Seriously? Superb plot, even if the characters are a little stale. I think I ended up enjoying sassy!Grace and John more than I did Braden and the other teens. Point in case? The cliches. Trey, as much as I think Tracey hoped wouldn't come off as the struggling hero-type, came out just that. I don't think I yawned at a supposed enigma for this long in a while. Braden's character, albeit easy to keep up with, didn't have that extra flare that made him stand out as much as I hoped he would. As for the ending, I don't know what I was expecting- maybe just a little more on Lucien since he was the actual baddie? Maybe just a little more on Braden understanding the consequences of relationship with Trey? Maybe B... moreraden thinking about someone beside Trey? Maybe about himself? Or the uncle he left behind? I felt like there were one too many misconceptions sprinkled throughout the book. I tried taking into account that Braden was only seventeen, young, restless, and stupid to an extent. But he was trained to be a certain way, even with his supposed laziness. For me, it was just too much hype for his character, and the delivery just didn't cut it. And the ending. The endinggggg. I don't know what hurt more- knowing there's a sequel that could salvage this poor soul, or the understanding that the next ending could be just as bad. This pains me so.
review 2: Kind of like the movie the Covenant and yet it was also a bit choppy and some of the conversations didn't sync up as well as they should between characters. I also wasn't a fan of the main character's sudden magical growth so quickly and major knowledge of so many things and yet when the story first starts out he can't get out of a containment spell without "cheating" and the majority of the time he can't figure out the basics of the town. I also wasn't fond of whatever voices or something he heard when he removed his glasses. It was kind of like a mix of gobbly gook. Coherent of a sort but with no real grammar involved it just was a jumble of nonsense most times. And lastly, for the main character to even have a love interest in the story. I wished the author depicted more of an emotional connection between them other than a few kisses, a somewhat lunch date, and a set up meet the parents dinner. Where the only thing that was served was a spell tainted dessert of some kind(which he puked back up). less
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Seriously horribly written. Was a huge waste of time.
It was...okay. Not great, but okay.
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