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Lowdown And Lush (2014)

by Selena Laurence(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 1
C.P. Writes, LLC
review 1: 5 out of 5How I have waited for this book! I tend to lust after the jerks and Mike Owens can definitely be a jerk. But he’s a rock star AND a jerk so I knew I was going to be putty in his hands when I finally got a hold of his book. I also knew he had some darkness in his past, but that didn’t scare me. The first two books in the Lush series were fantastic reads for me. I even predicted that Mike’s story would blow me away in my review of For the Love of a Lush- but I wasn’t expecting THAT. Selena Laurence knocked me on my a** with her amazing ability to tell a story. She writes characters that are not only flawed but very easy to relate to and root for. Just as I was rooting for Joss and Mal and Walsh and Tammy; I was rooting for Mike to get his schoolteacher turn... moreed country singer, Jenny. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy road since taming the bad boy is never easy, but wow. Mike’s darkness was very close to my own darkness and I completely understood where he was coming from in his hesitancy to be more than a friend to Jenny. I BAWLED. I SOBBED, like a girl, when I finally got the full story of his past. I DO NOT DO THE FEELS. I am just too hard and I keep my emotions close to the vest. But Mike’s story had me so invested already and then I hit the 65% mark and I was a goner. But all is well. I have been put back together by the remainder of the book. Selena not only tells a great story but she delivers the ending that is deserving of her characters. It was brilliant and perfect. Not only perfect from a writing standpoint but also perfect for all of the characters involved in the Lush family. My Mike got his happy and it was lush!
review 2: The Lush Story you've been waiting for.Mike Owens the bad boy of the former band Lush is known for his bad attitude, bad ways and "I don't care" way of life. He was the cause of the demise of Lush. What he doesn't let anyone know is that he has a dark family secret that makes him think he'll just cause his family, former bandmates and anyone who gets close to him trouble. When he hears Jenny Turner sing one night he falls for her voice and beauty. She's a Preacher's daughter and he knows he can't offer her anything but friendship. There's no way he can be more to her. The one thing he refuses to allow himself to do is taint his "Sunshine"In order to keep her close he decides to help her become the music star he knows she can be. The only problem is spending that much time makes it hard for him to resist her and Jenny is doing everything she can to make him see her as more than a friend. Mike calls on his former bandmates to help out with Jenny's album. It also starts to help heal the wounds of their breakup. He is getting back his best friends with Jenny's help in making him see he is worth fighting for.I knew when I started reading the Lush series Mike's story would be the one that captured my heart. It did. We finally get to meet Mike Owens less
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I am really looking forward to reading this book. I love this series!
Honestly not my favorite!!jenny just doesn't do it for me at all!
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