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Kissed By Smoke (2000)

by Shéa MacLeod(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 1
Sunwalker Saga
review 1: For some reason I thought this was a trilogy and for half the book I was wondering how the author would tie up everything with a neat bow. Thankfully I was incorrect in this assumption and am pleased that there will be at least three more novels! My only complaint is that my ebook version had a long short story attached to the end of it and I was a bit disappointed to find that the book had ended to quickly! Cliffhanger!
review 2: I was very disappointed in this entry in the Sunwalker Saga. I hated the cliffhanger ending, particularly with no anticipated release date for the next book. I also am getting frustrated with the periodic cryptic references as to whether Morgan is a sunwalker; if she is the Key, why does it matter?I kept looking for some explanation
... moreof the firebringer/moonchild dream. Is Jack the reincarnation of the moonchild (which might explain the ridiculous waffling between him and Inigo)? In many ways, though, he doesn't match up well with the little we know of the moonchild, so are we going to see yet a third love interest?I will probably read the next book, if for no other reason than to find out if Inigo is really dead, but Ms. MacLeod has a big hole to climb out of before I will forgive the way this one left me hanging. less
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I am still enjoying this series. Like the characters. But really dislike the fairy folk.
I'd like to read this book but it is not available for the Nook from BN.
I love this series! My only complaint is this book was way too short.
Well that's a hell of a cliffhanger. That just sucked!!
Yay Morgan is kickass!
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