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The Loop (2013)

by Shandy Lawson(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 5
1423160894 (ISBN13: 9781423160892)
review 1: The day we went to the library and the librarian talked to us about books she talked about this book. It seemed very interesting to me so I decided to check it out so that is how I picked out this book. The setting is mainly in Shreveport and that is where the murder keeps happening. They do travel all over though but Shreveport is what is mentioned the most because that is where fate is pulling Ben and Maggie but they are fighting it to stay alive and supposively end the loop. The conflict is that Maggie and Ben are stuck in a time loop. The loop includes them shooting a random guy at the mall, changing their looks so the police won’t recognize them, running and hiding from the cops, and trying to change the loop even though fate is pulling them the original way the loo... morep was. The main problem is that also in the loop the guy they shot at the mall, Roy, ends up killing Ben and Maggie at a Walgreens in Shreveport. Maggie and Ben have de sha vu about different times of the loop. They remember everything so they know what people will do and where Roy and the cops are. They use that information to avoid all of the bad things and try to get away and survive. All the action in this book made the book hard to put down. The main characters Maggie and Ben I would say are static. They stay mostly the same throughout the book. I say this because they each have a same goal and the same skills throughout the book so they stay the same. Three character traits I would use to describe Maggie is smart, caring, and funny. Three character traits I would use to describe Ben is brave, non hesitant, and loving. A quote that Maggie said that proves my point is, “Are you trying to be my star-crossed lover, Benjamin?” (Lawson 138). This shows that she has a little humor and cares about Ben. Something Ben says that proves my point is, “I’m just saying, I think we pulled it off. Don’t you?” (Lawson 107). This quote from Ben shows that he is confident that he thinks they got out of the loop also since he was talking to Maggie it shows his attitude towards her. I think the theme of this novel would be to never give up. Ben and Maggie have been murdered numerous times and are trying to get out of the loop and not die. They keep going through the exact same thing over and over again and each time they get another chance. Each time they have gained more knowledge from the last. Each time it could be their last cycle of the loop. They don’t just give up and let fate lead them. They actually put effort into it and try to save their own lives. I thought this book was amazing. First of all, I usually dread reading and never really get into a book. This book was hard for me to put down and I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. I would recommend this book to others because to me it was such an outstanding choice. This is the kind of book that makes someone who dreads reading, love it.
review 2: Maggie and Ben are stuck in The Loop. Think "Groundhogs Day" but with teens being chased by a killer. Fate, as Maggie and Ben refer to it, is determined to allow a cold-blooded killer, Roy, to off Maggie and Ben over.....well.....by the time I got to the end of the book, I had forgotten why Roy was after them in the first place. Well, other than the fact that Roy is stuck in his own Loop, with Fate insisting he kill Maggie and Ben. I found myself, though, not really caring about Roy's reason for wanting to kill them as Maggie and Ben fought hard against Roy, Fate, and The Loop. It was a killer, and clever, ending. One that I enjoyed. less
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This was a lovely book: tightly written, sweet, and a quick read.
Good quick read. Groundhog's Day on Crack.
Not as challenging as I would have liked.
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