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Letters Of Note: An Eclectic Collection Of Correspondence Deserving Of A Wider Audience (2013)

by Shaun Usher(Favorite Author)
4.48 of 5 Votes: 4
1782112235 (ISBN13: 9781782112235)
Canongate Unbound
review 1: This is an absolutely beautiful, inspiring, unexpected book to dip in and out of. They range from the delightful letter Queen Elizabeth II sent US President Dwight D. Eisenhower with her recipe for his favourite drop scones to the touching note Virginia Woolf left for her husband before filling her pockets with stones and walking into the river to the stark letter Kurt Vonnegut Jr sent to his father after surviving a German Prisoner of War camp at the end of WWII. Highly recommended. There's something in here for everyone. Potential use in schools across the curriculum but especially for English, Social Studies and History.
review 2: Letters of Note is a collection of 125 letters from famous people and not-so-famous people that have been amassed by Shaun Us
... moreher. Most of the letters are handsomely reproduced, and most of them are compelling. For that reason, I’d give the book five stars. But the nature of any collection is that nobody will ever be interested in all of the offerings, and for that reason I’d give the book three stars. Average: Four stars less
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Brilliant!! The letter from Hunter S Thompson is outstanding.. Needs a home on my wall
Perfect Sunday read. Made me cry, laugh and write more on paper.
amazing collection of letters and notes and telegrams.
Fascinating with a wide-range of interests covered!
Beautiful and awe-inspiring
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