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Cartas Extraordinárias: A Correspondência Inesquecível De Pessoas Notáveis (2014)

by Shaun Usher(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 4
8535925112 (ISBN13: 9788535925111)
Companhia das Letras
review 1: My first 5-star rating goes to Letters of Note for the fantastic collection of historically important and interesting letters. I really enjoyed a young girl's advice to Abraham Lincoln, letters from Albert Einstein to FDR, from Kurt Vonnegut Jr to his father (inspiring Slaughterhouse 5), from Groucho Marx to Woody Allen, and dozens more. I'm sure I will return to this book to pour over these letters - even the deranged and the sad ones - again.
review 2: This is a truly special book, and worth every penny of the price to buy it!As the title says, it is a collection of correspondence "deserving of a wider audience", and so it is. With letters that run the gamut from inspiring to terrifying, sweet to hilarious, and thought-provoking to powerful, the letters in th
... moree book are from people both famous and ordinary, but they reinforce the impact an actual letter can have, not only on it's addressed recipient, but as many of these letters have, on many other people.In this age of texts and Twitter - both of which, let me hasten to note I use and enjoy! - there is still a place for an honest-to-goodness letter, written in one's own hand, on real paper, signed, folded and placed in an envelope with a stamp and taken to the trouble of posting to demonstrate to the recipient the importance the writer places on them and the subject of the letter.And what letters these are! Here are just a small sampling of the letters in this wonderful book [and in many cases photographic reproductions of the original written or typed letters are included as illustrations, some quite famous]:-Mary Stuart fo Henry III prior to her execution-Bill Hicks to a Catholic priest on freedom of expression-Galileo to Leonardo Donato-Jack Kerouac to Marlon Brando-Elvis Presley to Richard Nixon-Telegrams about Pearl Harbor and the Titanic-A hilarious letter from hospitalized [and not happy about it] Dorothy Parker-36 Writers to Roosevelt following Kristallnacht decrying America's lack of action-A little girl to Abraham Lincoln-Hemingway to Scott Fitzgerald-Einstein answering a student's question - do scientists pray?-Kurt Vonnegut to the Drake School Board about burnings of Slaughterhouse FiveI could go on, but you should just stop reading this review and go buy the book so you can read for yourself why letters are still relevant, important and powerful in our society. This book will make you think, make you laugh, make you feel, and I can't think of a better result from any book! less
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I love this blog and this is a fascinating collection of some of the noteworthy letters from it.
I thought this was a great collection of letters for all audiences. I recommend it highly.
spectacular insight into the minds and hearts of well known names.
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