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The Secret Guide To Dating Monsters (2011)

by Sierra Dean(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
1609284801 (ISBN13: 9781609284800)
Samhain Publishing
review 1: A lot of action, some romantic possibilities and a lot of openings for future books.I picked this one up because of the review I've read by a friend on my list (Carmel Rabid Reads), her point of view on these books had/has me curious and I'm glad because this was a great first read... So although Carmel hasn't directly recommended me this book, her review is the reason I picked it up.I really enjoyed this prequel to Secret's world and it's a world I will definitely be visiting!!! I'm already wanting to know what is going to happen with Secret and Holden!Definitely books I will venture into.
review 2: I dont normally read novellas, but my friend spoke very highly of this series so I figured Id start at the beginning and get a taste with the novella first.Vamp/We
... morere hybrid. Common these days but its never old to me. A cop/soldier/bounty hunter, so shes a bad ass, once again over used but i do enjoy.Trying to date a human, now that one is always funny, never works quite right.I do like her partner Holden, hes intriguing.Will continue to read less
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loved it! can't wait to read book 1
SecretRead 2nd February 2012
Review coming soon
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