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Being Barron 2: Reed & Skye (2013)

by S.K.(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 5
Barron Family
review 1: What is it about those Barron men? Is it their confidence? Their loyalty to family? Their intense and wickedly sexy ways? I say, it's all of thee above!!! In the latest installment in the Barron series, SK, took us on a ride to be remembered with, Reed and Skye. This book had it all. Drama, heartbreak, and so many twists and turns that you are left shaking your head and saying, I did NOT see that coming. I was excited for this story to come out. Reed with his Alpha male attitude, going after what he wants, and not giving up until he gets it. My kind of man. And Skye....well, let's say that there were time that I wanted to shake the hell out of her and times when I wanted to cry for her. Lane was just as sexy as ever and we saw more of Max and Taylor. Taylor....she had me c... moreracking my knuckles a few times. All of these things a wonderful story does make. This book was just another reason that Author SK is one of my all time favorites!!!! If you have not read this book, part 1, or any of her Sin City Heat books.....what are you waiting for???? Get on it!!! You won't be disappointed. Ready for the next one!!!
review 2: There is something sinfully sexy about those Barron's. Sky didn't have a chance against that Barron charm that Reed hit her with and who could blame her. Reed proves how loyal he is to his family and the things he will do for them when Sky comes face to face with her past. Can Reed and Sky overcome their past and make a life together work? SK spins another awesome tale about the Barron clan and I simply can not wait to read Max and Taylor's story! less
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I enjoyed this book. The Barron family is something else. Got to love it!
This was a really good read! Those Barron's are a trip! I to recommend.
Good book with surprises in it. Waiting for book 3
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