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Good Enough To Eat (2010)

by Stacey Ballis(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 1
0425229637 (ISBN13: 9780425229637)
Berkley Trade
review 1: Have you read the Junie B. Jones books? They are the best little kid eye candy for early readers. We collected all of them and my personal favorite was Junie B. Jones is a Beauty Shop Guy. To this day I cannot read that book with laughing until I cry. Part of that charm might be that I love reading aloud and do a mighty fine job of sounding like a hip, sassy 5 year old...Anyway....The main character in this book, Melanie, is exactly what I would have pictured the 'grown up' Junie B. Jones to be like. Oh my gosh...the girl can talk and she never stops...her best friend is food...not just food, but GOOD for you food...and each food comes with a life event attached to it. The story was a decent one, a little predictable but all of the characters were people you would want to ... moreknow. Enough so, that if there were a second book about what happens next (there are a lot of loose ends that could accommodate that) I would totally read it.I think my favorite part was the end...where you get the 'good for you' version of each recipe in the book and you are also treated to the decadent (not so good for you, comfort food) version of each recipe. :)I know, that was a weird spoiler...but not the kind worth hiding. :)
review 2: When I picked up this book, I assumed it would be a fun, light read. There was not a lot of depth to the characters, but they were interesting enough to move the story line along. I did enjoy how well Stacey Ballis described Mel's relationship with food and that was not as simple as "I love unhealthy food". I also enjoyed the food memories at the beginning of each chapter, as they added a bit of depth to Mel's character. The recipes in the back of the book are an added bonus and I may try a few of them. The only reason I could not give this book 3 stars is because the ending was so abrupt. The book came to a screeching halt at the end. It would have been nice if perhaps an epilogue was added at the end, perhaps dealing with the characters one year later. less
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This was a nice and easy read that you didn't have to think much about to follow which was great.
What a fabulously delish book. I wanted more at the end. Was sad that I finished it so quickly.
Reminds me of early Barbara O'Neal novels. Ending a bit flat.
This was a sweet, sweet book. I loved it.
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