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Crossing (2013)

by Stacey Wallace Benefiel(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 2
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Open Door Love Story
review 1: This is a really great and interesting read. I picked it up thinking it would be a simple, sweet and completely normal love story, what I got was a unique surprising one. I have to admit it took a turn into right field but it was still sweet and just what I was wanting to read. I personally can't imagine how Dani feels when she discovers Liam's secret but it was plain as day that she loved him irrevocably since that love never wavered. I adore Dani and Liam's relationship and how honest and raw their love is. It's definitely different but so worth it!
review 2: I adore a story that stretches my boundaries, challenges my beliefs and forces me to view a subject in a new way. This book did that and more.I fully identified with the heroine. She is an average look
... moreing, curvy, spunky, outspoken girl from the midwest, who is full of insecurities. In many ways she is me or the me I was in college. The hero is gorgeous, friendly and funny. Way beyond what the heroine considers her level.This story starts out the way many NA books do but that is great because the characters keep you interested and you are just along for the ride. Then the story turns in a very unexpected way. This turn is what makes this story so unique and wonderful. My advice to all readers is to keep your heart and mind open to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. I did have one issue that kept this from being a perfect read for me. I want more, more time process the turn in this story, more details, more time in the characters heads. This part of the story was just two fast for me. I didn't have enough information, thoughts and details to arrive on the other side with the H/h. less
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Kind of sweet and a little weird. Once "the secret" came out I think I liked it more.
It was absolutely beautiful and amazing. I loved every bit of it.
Different. Unique. But good.
Is a great book to read
3.5 stars
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