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Menopause Makeover (2013)

by Staness Jonekos(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
1299366899 (ISBN13: 9781299366893)
Harlequin Nonfiction
review 1: This book, while attempting to be inspirational, has a wonderful positive yet practical perspective, fails to educate, at least to me.It boils down to nothing more than exercise, take your vitamins, and eat correctly. It says nothing different than most of the other menopause writings I've been found.Being a cheerleader for women going through a challenging time has value. But I didn't find any information in this book that I didn't already have.
review 2: This was the best book ever! I truly went deep inside myself. This book really helped me get through those rough times, and my husband finally loves me again. YOu won't beleive how mad he was when our sheets were stained with my meno blood. ahaha my litttle nicknames for EVERYTING Well i just don't have eno
... moreugh good things to say about this god damn book. I go to chucrch no every sunday because i realized that god gave me this gift of menopuase. and i finally have realzed to overcome my problems i have with my 17 year old daughter mabel. (she got pregnant and ranway with her durg dealer boyfriend to hawaii). I have finaly overcome everything. less
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Nothing useful in this book. Just eat right and exercise. Nothing useful for me.
It gave a great insight as to what happens in your body during menopause.
No real new information
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