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Eat Like A Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program To Finally Drop The Pounds And Feel Better Than Ever (2014)

by Staness Jonekos(Favorite Author)
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0373892691 (ISBN13: 9780373892693)
review 1: This book was so neat. I've read several similar books before, but this one stands out among the crowded shelf. I loved the realistic steps that Staness Jonekos presents with her 3 step / 3 week plan. Not only is the plan realistic, it also is explained very well down to the why. I realized a lot of areas where my diet could use some finetuning, and I definitely will be adopting what Eat Like a Woman had to say.I'll be excited to see how the results of this pan out. There is a combination of action, explanation, and awesome recipes that fill the pages of this one. There are some awesome sounding recipes I'll be excited to try!
review 2: Eat Like a Woman. (and never diet again) Staness Jonekos, Marjorie JenkinsReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.This book is
... moren't just a “diet” book, full of low fat, low calorie or low carb recipes but a more holistic book, taking the approach that we need to look at our bodies, how they work, how we gain or lose weight and how we can best influence that. I found it very interesting because it mirrors much of what I’ve long believed, and seeing it in print validates some of my theories.I was amazed at reading the prologue where the authors tell us that almost all our medical research was, until very recently, based on data using a 70kg white male as the basis. Even as recently as the 80's research about oestrogen and breast cancer and links were done using men. Astonishing isn't it?? This is based on what I read in the book about US research, I don't know how UK compares but I'd guess its similar. Finally in the 90's things began to change but it does mean there's a dearth of historical data about women. Though we're talking about medical research here, there's a fine line between drugs and food, and how we metabolise them so research has slip-over points. We all moan when our men lose weight quicker then we do when on the same diet, and this books explains that not only do women taste food differently, but we metabolise it differently, and our bodies take nutrients from it differently. No surprise then that a book abased around men doesn't fit women very well. This book looks at what we need to be healthy, what will help us to lose those excess pounds ( or stones in my case...) and use the way our bodies work to help us not hinder us. There's an interesting section on the mind-body-spirit connection, and as a long term cancer survivor when my odds of surviving were very, very low I'm a strong believer in that. It just makes sense to me that we help our bodies as best we can by thinking about what we eat, and by focussing on positive energies. Its like how when we're stuffed up inside, sniffling and feeling awful with a cold, then take a trip out into the fresh air for half an hour, garden, woods, beach – whatever – we feel so much better. An online friend with a similar type of rare cancer to mine, but hormone based, decided to do her own research and radically change her diet to eliminate as much hormone containing foods as possible. She had at the time a terminal diagnosis, still has, but her approach has meant that the tumours have remained static for many years now, when typically the disease would have progressed much further. That has to be good, and shows how we can help our bodies to stay healthy. It sadly doesn't always work, but we owe it to ourselves to give it our best chance. In the book the foods are divided into sections, with handy charts showing the beneficial effects they have on our bodies. The recipes are divided into groups so its easy to pick and choose, mix and match and there are more recipes on the eatlikeawoman website. Its not a strict, set in stone, xx week diet book, but one where you tailor the approach to your own life using the book as a source reference and guide. By looking at ourselves, what health issues we have we can choose what foods will best affect them, and keep us healthy. There are lots of tips such as eating at certain times, carrying healthy snacks, adding in exercise, and of course the big one – portion control. To me the strength of this book is that its so different, not a rigid approach but one that makes sense, that uses our bodies the way we need to, and not in the way that makes it so hard for us to control weight. Its not just a weight loss book, a diet book, but one where looking at what we consume and choosing carefully helps us to stay healthy, and to let out bodies be the weight they should because we're giving them what they need. Stars: five. Interesting book with much to think about. Its again one where I’ve got e-book and am reading on my pc , but think that an actual print book would be far better. For fiction I love my kindle but some non fiction I’m finding is best in traditional format. ARC supplied by Netgalley less
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I won this from a goodreads giveaway and I absolutely loved it.
Category: Health, Fitness and Diet
great..highly recommend
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